Wudhu according to the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ahl al-Bayt, hadith

Wudhu according to the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ahl al-Bayt, hadith

The principle of performing Wudhu according to the traditions (Sunnah) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ahl al-Bayt, hadith and narrations.


 The narration of how did The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) perform Wudhu (Rubbing the feet [Mash]) by Abdullah-ibn-Abbas according to authentic document from the books of Sunni Muslims

Atta- ibn-Yassar narrated that Ibn- Abbas said: “Don’t you want me to tell you how the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to perform Wudhu”? He continued, “The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) washed inside his mouth two times, washed inside his nose two times, washed his face and hands once, then rubbed his head and feet.”

The correction of the narration by the researchers of the book: the researchers of the book, Shoaib- al- Arnot and Adil- Murshad corrected the narration in the foot note and this narration is written in this way.

Quotation with authentic documentation Hadith in the Sahih book:

Ketab- Alfawaid (Alghilanait): Vol. 1, hadith 378, Abubakr Muhammad –ibn- Abdullah –ibn- Ibrahim –ibn- Abdewaih al-Baghdadi al-Sahfiei al-Bazzaz

The method of the Holy Prophet Muhmmad(PBUH) for performing Wudhu:

Abde Khair narrated from Imam Ali (PBUH) that he said;

“I supposed that it is proper to rub the sole of the feet rather than its upper surface, until I observed that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was performing rubbed the upper surface of his both feet”.

Musnad Ahmed-Bin-Hambal, vol. 1.

The method of Imam Ali’s (PBUH) Wudhu according to authentic Sunni books

Nazal-ibn-Sabreh said: “Imam Ali (PBUH) performed the prayer of the noon in the Kuffah square. Then He sat down to solve the people’s problems to the time of evening prayer. They brought him a bowel of water for Wudu, he poured a handful of water on his face than washed his hands and rubbed his head and feet and said ‘I saw Holy Prophet (PBUH) performing wudhu in this way’ [means Holy Prophet(PBUH) used to rub his feet]”.

The book researcher named Doctor- Muhammad- ibn- Abdul- Mohsin- Alturki has commented in the footnote about this quotation:

It is an authentic quotation.

Musnad- Abi- Dawood- Altiyalasi: Vol. 1, hadith 141, Abu- Dawud- Sulaiman –ibn- Dawood- ibn-AlJarood- Altiyasi- Albasri  (died: 204 AH), Researcher: Doctor Muhammad- ibn- Abdul –Mohsin- Alturkey,

The order of the god to rub the feet to perform Wudhu

Hakim related this quotation, in his book, Mustadrak, with authentic citation:

Rufai- ibn- Rafee one of the companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) narrated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “None of your prayers are accepted, until you perform Wudhu as God ordered you to. Wash your face and hands up to elbow and rub your head and feet”.

Al- Mustadrik- Alal –Sahihian. Vol. 1- 36.

The method of Wudhu by Gabriel (When the order of wudhu came down in Quran)

Abdulrazaq- Sanaani related in his book, Musannif, with authentic citation that Shaabi said:

“But Gabriel rubbed his feet during Wudhu” [i.e. there is a Quranic reference for rubbing feet in Wudhu].

Al-Musannif Abd-ul-razaq, Vol. 1, hadith 56.

The Wudhu of Anas- ibn- Malik –the servant of Holy Prophet (PBUH)-one of the Sunni’s narrator

ibn-Kathir relates from Anas-ibn-Malik in his book, Tafsir:

When Anas was living in Kuffah somone told him that Hajjaj says to wash entire feet in Wudu.

When Anas heard of this he got very angry and said:

God is truthful and Hajjaj is a liar and God has ordered to rub feet in Wudhu.

And then in comments of this hadith, ibn-Kathir wrote that above narration was authentic.

And he continued that the order of the Holy Quran was to rub the feet.

The great sunni scholar ibn- Hazm- Andalusi ,wrote about Wudhu, in his book named Al-Mahli:

… Our judgment is that the order of the holy Quran is to run on the feet for Wudhu. The lord said:

“Rub the front part of your Head and your feet” (The holy Quran 5-6)

The order about the head and feet are the same. Whether we assume “feet” as “object” or “possessive”, it is in conjunction with the “Head” and it is not permitted to separate two words which are in conjunction.

and it is related from ibn- Abbas that Quran ordered us to rub our feet in Wudhu, and many other narrators like Imam Ali (PBUH), ibn- Abbas, akramah , shaabi and many more including Tabari believed that we should rub the feet in Wudhu …

Al –Mahli- bil- Athar, Vol. 1


This famous great Arab Sunni scholar, was a Jurisconsult (Faghih) and Mujtahid and he said:

Anyway, in the verse the “feet” are in conjunction with the Head and it implies that we should rub the feet.

When a great Sunni scholar whose native language is Arabic, and knows the Arabic grammar very well, says that this verse refers to rub the feet and not washing it, then the question arises that why do other scholars perform otherwise?

Shams-ul-Din- Zahabi writes down in the biography of ibn-Hazm- Andalusi;

Ibne-Hazm was not only an imam but the unique Imam of his time………

He possessed high ranks in Islamic knowledge and was regarded as a unique personality in Islam.

Sair- aalam- al- nubala, Vol. 18.


An authentic narration with definite citation in the book, Osul-al- Kafi, on of Shia references

Imam Baqir (PBUH) said; “When you perform Wudhu, and wash your feet instead of rubbing it, and assume that God ordered you to do that, this Wudhu is not correct.” Then Imam said; “if you want to wash your feet to clean it from sweat and dirt, first rub your feet and complete the Wudhu then wash your feet. But if you wash your feet, instead of rubbing it, rub your feet afterward to perform the last action of Wudhu according to god’s order.

Usul-al-Kafi, Vol. 3.

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