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Brief orations from Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- 1

Brief orations from Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- 1

The brief orations from Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- 1


  • To advise death, to needless: piety, and to make busy: worship is enough. And in day of Resurrection self-sufficient refuge and God is enough for rewarding.


  • One asked the Holly prophet PBUH: what companions are better than others? He said that the one who help you when ever want, and remind you whenever you forgot. And asked him which group of people is the worse among others? He said the corrupt scientists.


  • My lord ordered me in 9 things: sincerity: secretly and openly, justice in complacency and anger, moderation: at time of poorness and richness, forgive the one who had cruel behavior toward me, given to those who had refuse to give me, and make relation to the people who cuts the relations, and asked me to behave in a way that my silence is thinking and my talking is praying and look at everything in order to edification.


  • Prove and fix your knowledge by writing.


  • Whenever a criminal became a chairman of his people, and their leader became a despised man and people respects him, they must look for disaster.


  • Brisk walking removes dignity of believers.
  • Sometimes lost possession person accuse innocence people in a way that his sins became more than a real thief.


  • Allah is merciful to whom that perform the rights of God, and loves him.


about: Knowledge, wisdom and ignorance

Learn knowledge because learning it is benevolent, and conversation about it is praying God and search on it is a Jihad. Teaching an ignorant person is like charity and its publication is the cause of closeness to God. Knowledge is the guide of lawful and unlawful and taboos and leads its followers to heaven. Knowledge is the mate of the time of loneliness and the friend of the time which you are away from your home, and it’s a guide to happiness and it’s a weapon against enemies and ornaments of friends. God has given some people elation and made their goodness a model to follow. Their work is considerable and their way and insight is the guide for people.

An insight of a wise person is to be patient in the face of a brazen fool, to forgive the one who had been cruel to him, pondering about the results before talking, if the results are good, he utters them and benefits from it and if the results are bad he stays quiet. At the time of sedition, he seeks refuge to God and controls his tongue. If he sees a good behavior, he enjoys its benefits. He never separates prudency from his characteristics, and has no greed. These are the 10 insights of a wise person.


And the viewpoint of an ignorant and foolish person is to have cruel behavior upon his friends, torture his servants, talk without thinking and his silence is neglect. In the case that he faces the sedition, he ends up in infamy. If he sees a good behavior, he begins mocking or ignoring it. He has no fear of his past sins and continues his sins till the last second of his life. He is lazy at the time that he can do something good. He did not pay any attention to what he had lost or what he destroyed. These are 10 features of ignorant people.




  • to assure who ever found himself in that situation to look up to Allah to be consoled and protected. So it was pointless to preach vengeance to this kind of people suffering from this similar fate. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad

    • Salaam
      I guess you meant this:
      I assure whoever that have found himself in that situation to look up to Allah to be consoled and protected by God, it works. So it is pointless to preach vengeance to this kind of people suffering from this similar fate. We indeed believe in Prophet Muhammad’s guidance.

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