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In The Name Of Allah

The Masaf Institute has officially commenced her activities since 21, March, 2012

The Products of the Institute include the speeches of Mr. RaefiPour, documentaries and clips, game designing, research projects and articles, graphic products and etc.

While oppressive and terrorist governments try to fight against the truth And attempt to destroy the face of Islam, specially Shia and Ahl Al-Bayt (12 Imams)

This website is created by Masaf Institute to clear the truth of Islam and answer your doubts and questions about Shia

The institute of Masaf is directed by Mr. RaefiPour. He is a university professor and researcher in the apocalyptic topics and Cults.

We hope to be useful in rising your information

It is noteworthy that this website has no dependence on any specific organization.

All the Rights reserved. Any reusing of the contents of the Masaf Website is not permitted unless cited.


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