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Mafatih Al-Janan- Taqibaat of Salat

Mafatih Al-Janan- Taqibaat of Salat (prayers after salat)

Mafatih Al-Janan

Taqibaat of Salat (prayers after salat)

Taqibaat: There are many recommended prayers in Islam which are determined by Imams to pure human’s spirit and reaching to Allah more and better. These prayers are collected in a book is named “Mafatih Al-Janan”. it means “keys to heavens”

Here is Taqibaat of 5 Salat:

Common prayers after each Salat (Namaaz)

1- Imam Mohammed Baqir (pbuh) has said that after every mandatory prayer, there is no better invocation than the “Tasbeeh e Fatima (pbuh)”. If there was any other, more effective, way of Praising Allah, the Prophet (pbuh) would most certainly have instructed his daughter about that.

Imam Jafar Sadiq(pbuh) has said that reciting the Tasbeeh e Fatima (pbuh) after every compulsory prayer is better than performing a thousand ruku/genuflections

Tasbeeh e Fatima (pbuh):

– Allaho Akbar (34 times) Alhamdu lillah (33 times ) Subhan Allah (33 times)

2- One should say once after reciting the Tasbeeh  La ilaha ilAllah (there is no God except Allah)

3- Imam Baqir (pbuh) says One who sits quietly after each mandatory prayer and recites 3 times the following , Allah will pardon all his sins:

Mafatih Al-Jinan in urdu

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