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Islam & Keeping animals

Islam & Keeping animals

Islam & Keeping animals


  • Imam Sadegh (PBUH) said: “All prophets kept pigeons in their houses, because stupid jinni play and annoy the children who live in the house. When there is pigeon in the house they play with it and do not annoy the household.”


  • Imam Sadegh (PBUH) said: “There was a red pair of pigeons in prophet’s house.”


  • Animals curse those who killed Imam Hussein (PBUH).


  • Davoud-ebne-Farghad said: “I was at Imam Sadegh’s house. Suddenly I saw a pigeon which was singing and it sang very much. Imam looked at me and asked: ‘Do you know what it says?’ I replied: ‘May I be thy ransom! No, I do not know what it says.’ He said: ‘It curses those who killed Hussein-ebne-Ali. Keep this kind of animal in your house.’”


  • Someone came to the prophet (PBUH) and complained about fright. The prophet ordered him to keep pigeon at his house.


  • Imam Ali said: “When pigeons flutter, Satan will banish.”


  • Imam Ali said too: “Be careful about your slaves, housemaids, bondwomen, and the properties which are not able to speak.” They asked: “What do you mean the properties which are not able to speak?” he answered: “sheep, pigeons, cats, and such things.”


  • The prophet (PBUH) said: “Those who keep sheep at their houses close seventy doors of poverty.”


  • The prophet said: “Keeping sheep at house is blessing and being cat at house is blessing too. One sheep has a mount of blessing and two sheep has double and three sheep has many blessings.”


  • Imam Sadegh said: “The believer who keeps one milch goat at his/her house, his/her household are sanctified and they are blest. And those who keep two milch goats they are sanctified twice.” Someone asked: “How are they sanctified?” he answered: “They (the goat’s milk) are told << bless to you and be happy>>.”


  • He also said: “A woman imprisoned a cat until it died of thirst and she was tormented by God.”


  • And he said too: “Do not prevent pigeons to nest at your houses.”


  • Imam Sadegh (PBUH) said: “Do not disturb birds’ nest at night, because the night is the time at which they rest and they are protected by God.”


  • Jafari narrated: “I saw a pair of pigeon at Moses-ebne-Jafar (PBUH). The male was green and the female was black. Imam was prepared breadcrumb for them. He said: “These pigeons are active at night and they become familiar. When they flutter the entire household is safe from harmful animals.”


  • The prophet said: “Do not prevent swallows to nest at your house.”


  • In Teb-al-a’emmah the prophet said: “Keep domestic animals at your house, because devils are made busy by domestic animals and they do not disturb the children.”


  • Imam Kazem (PBUH) said: “Three things should be in your house which improves the house, cat, pigeon, and rooster. If there is a hen beside the rooster is better.”


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