Great Speech

Imam Sadiq (pbuh) words

Imam Sadiq (pbuh) words

Imam Sadiq, peace Be Upon Him:

“One who has these five characteristics is the choicest of men: one who feels joyous when he does something good; one who repents when he does something bad; one who is grateful when he receives something from Allah; one who patiently endures Allah’s trials; one who forgives when he is done some injustice or wrong.

Closer to Allah: forgiving one who has wronged him; being generous to one who had deprived him; being kind to a kinsman who has not observed his rights of kinship.”

“The true believer does not transgress the limits of fairness in a fit of anger; he does not do anything unjustifiable for the sake of favor to some; neither does he take more than his due share, though he may have the power.”


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