Great Speech

Fine speech of Imam Hassan (PBUH)

Fine speech of Imam Hassan (PBUH)

1- Apart from the wise and sober people, any population did not consult and poll.

2-Lack of gratitude to blessing of Allah leads to baseness and meanness.

He said to one of his children:

3- My son, do not be friend and brother with anyone unless you socialize with him and knowing about who he is? What is his background? What is his way of life? So when you test him and accepting his request and decided to be friend with him, be faithful friend, be forgiving, try to resolve his difficulties and look after him with tender care.

4- Attempting to succeed but not dominant or gain a  victory over, and trust to fate, but do not surrender and retreat, because it is the custom to gain the best things, but do not be so greedy for sustenance and livelihood it is a sin to do going to extremes because Allah is the provider.

5- Your relatives are your friends although you are not the same race. Those far away but well aware of you are nearer to you than the ignorant ones around you.

6- Anyone who submitted to the will of Allah, do not wish except what Allah has set for him.

7- Shame is more convenient than Hell (Tolerating the shame in the world is more convenient than enduring the torment of Hell).

8- The good that is empty of evil, grateful for every blessing of Allah, be patient on disaster and misfortune.

9- The man who was cured of the disease, he said: “Allah will remember you, so praise of Allah and giving thanks to Allah.

10- Asked: “what is manliness?” He said: ” be greed in his religion, modified his property, respect the rights of others.”

11- Without doubt, the most sighted eyes are that penetrating eyes in his belief, religion and good deed. And the most hearing ears are that remembering advice and use to his advantage. And the most healthy hearts is clear that any doubt or hesitation. “

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