Deviant sects

Deviant sects

Deviant sects

According to Sunni and Shia narrations:

Prophet Muhammad: “My Ummah (my people) will be divided into seventy three sects. All of them will be in the Hell Fire except one” (Sahih Muslim, no.976)

One of the undeniable facts of the history is that Islam’s enemies, especially English, Russian, and American colonizers, always invaded to Islamic countries military, cultural and economic to grab their possession. In addition, they have tried to disintegrate Islamic union by different cultural and political plans. Eradicating of union and involving Muslims together to reach to some benefits, is the purpose of these Zionistic countries. If Islamic countries unite, they will not permit the others despoil them and they might be a great power.

Now days, they have made numerous problems and insecurity in the zone by dividing Islam to different extremist sects. In fact, they reach to the most benefit by paying the least cost. Grandiosity of the difference among Islamic countries is another trick of England to involve Muslims. Sometimes by discussing about patriotism, sometimes by sending their spies, they have divided Muslims into many sects; thus the result is, they despoil Muslim’s cultural or mineral resources and steal their ancient heritage.

These sects such as Sufism, Baha’i, Wahhabis or some groups like Taliban, Daesh, Jeish Al-Adl … all are supported by Israel and Zionist and they have extensive propaganda by their budget.

Followers of these sects do not believe in wisdom in beliefs, they just accept Hadith while the most Hadith they refer to, are spurious. They believe that followers of other sects are infidel and unclean and they claim just themselves are unitary. They deceive unsophisticated people by their slogan about unity. Since they are dogma, they interdict followers of thinking, as result; they deliver extensive people to the society, people who guard against opponents by weapon and even believe in necessity of killing them.

They use different styles to increase their followers. They usually start with creation of uncertainty among people. At first, making them suspicious about beliefs, next, deleting the religious values, then, answering to the uncertainties as a new sect, new considering, finally involving people in sects and taking away their thinking.

Sufism and Friary

Today, many dervishes try to link themselves to the famous Sufism scholars to rise their position, but there is a difference between traditional Sufism and today Sufism (friary).

Mysticism of scholars such as Mohammad Ghazali, Ein Al-Ghozah, Rumi, Mohie Din Arabi, Hafiz, Saadi… were based on rationality but today mysticism is based on illusion. To strengthen the wisdom in tradition mysticism, they have been used prose and poetry, but to strengthen the illusion in new mysticism, they use fiction poetry. Modern Sufism is more fictional than tradition Sufism.

Sufism and friary sects left mosques and turned to convent while they knew about division. This relocation separated other Muslims from them.

Even in some Sufism sects like Gonabadieh, they neither go to mosque nor convent, they have limited themselves to their homes.


Baha’i is established 170 years ago. This sect always had the support of Russia, England, America and Israel behind it. For example, some of their sentences are mentioned here:

  • Baha’i Qibla is not Kaba in Mecca; it is Mirza Husein Ali Baha’s grave in Acre city, Israel.
  • If there was no water for Ablution, it is correct to reapeat 5 time Bism Allah Al-Athar Al-Athar (in the name of the purest God)
  • Seamen, blood and urine are clean
  • Ziarat (going to holy shrines) is forbidden
  • Jihad is disused
  • Lucre is allowed
  • Dead should be buried in crystal, gemstones, firm and soft woods with a ring engraved name Baha


Wahhabislegalbasis isveryexpedient and it is affected by Israel ingredients. You cannot find any book which rejects Marxist, Buddhism, Baha’i and Israel or American thought. The whole writings are against Muslims. While Imam Ali (pbuh) and Omar Ibn Khatab have been criticized, nobody dare to criticize Abd Al-Wahhab. They have more focused on graves and they believe visiting the graves is infidelity, so grave or shrine explosion which occur in the world is the result of this thinking. Some of Wahhabis sentences are listed below:

  • Wearing high heels is forbidden
  • Eating food by spoon is forbidden
  • Having servant or driver is forbidden at home
  • Waving to soccer players is forbidden
  • Writing article for prints is forbidden
  • Wearing skirt for women is forbidden
  • Buying cucumber and banana is forbidden for women
  • Giving flower to patient is forbidden
  • Bicycle is the Devil’s horse and riding it is forbidden
  • Eating the flash of elves is allowed
  • If necessary, sex between father and daughter is allowed
  • If someone die by HIV, is martyred


They know the other Muslims as infidels and they are a branch of Wahhabis such as Daesh. They believe they should kill other Islamic sects to make Allah satisfy but it is against Allah’s willing. They have strange rules due to interpreting Quran by their own ideas not in the real meaning. They are created by Zionists and Wahhabis to tarnish Islam religion. Muslims know them as terrorist and fight with them.


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