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Brief orations from Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- 2

Brief orations from Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- 2

Brief orations from Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)- 2


  • Whenever your kings are from righteous and the rich group of the society is from generous group and the society members do their works by consultation, the life is better than death. And whenever the kings were from villain and the rich people were misers, on that time death is better than life.


  • A person who had 3 things in life is the benefiter of blessing the world: the one who pass days and nights with healthiness, secure way, and enough food for each day. If he could catch the forth gift which is believes to God and religions, he had all the blessing in world and other world.


  • Behave with sympathy and have mercy to the one who had power and now he is powerless, to the rich man who became poor and the scientist who is slave of the fools.


  • Most of the people are examined with healthiness and peace of mind.


  • Our nature is based to like righteous and hates wicked persons.


  • Our population of prophets is agent to speak with people at the level of their understanding and their minds.


  • One who makes his responsibilities to the others, will distanced from mercy of God


  • Worship has seven parts. The best of all is solvent incomes


  • The beauty is in talking.


  • If the scientist deprived from science, there will be no scientist so the people choose the ignorance leader and if they asked him the religious points and orders, he will reply wrong and made them to choose the wrong way.


  • Waiting for advent of Mahdi PBUH is the best jihad for Muslims.


  • The chivalry of Imams is to forgive the cruel persons who made us deprive.


  • The best one among my followers is a man who: prays a lot and worships God secretly and has no fame among people. He has enough incomes and stayed on his way till his death. He has low inheritance and low criers.


  • The believer is like a the wheat head, sometimes he bend and sometimes he stand straight but the unbeliever is like a Poplar that is always stands and had no understanding.


  • Once asked Holly prophet PBUH who is the most captive in world? He replied: the prophets, then the best of them (the higher rank, the more captivation).and the believers among their faiths will caught. So the true faith and good deeds has more difficult misfortune. And the less faith has the less misfortune and captivations.


  • If the world in God sight has the value of the flee wings, there were nothing for the unbelievers and hypocrites.


  • The world is turning .whatever which is belong to you will arrive you and you cannot defeat yourself against bad thing. Cutting the hope from lost things will calm you. Happiness is gift of God.


  • Surly to God, there is nothing that made you enter hell except what we aware of you and told you prevent to do those. Also we made you aware of the way you can enter the heaven, be aware that Gabriel has said to me: Your servant will never die unless he receives all his incomes and blessings. So do not seek the blessing and incomes more over. And do not seek your incomes from taboo ways.



Tohaf-ol- Uqul

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